Foam Wattle Ditch Check


Sandbag Check Dam


Fill Sandbags on-site


Place Sandbags, Cover & Nail


Lightweight for Remote Install


Dirt Filled Tube Steps


Check Dams, Ditch Checks, Tube Steps

Easy to install
Long lasting
Animal friendly

How it Works


Gator Guard Ditch Checks and Sandbag Check Dams form a series of steps to slow runoff water flow, deposit sediment, and dissipate energy in ditches, channels, swales, and gullies. Tube Steps form a safe access stairway and minimize erosion.



DITCH CHECKS are typically used for shorter duration construction projects. Gator Guard Standard or Extreme Foam Wattles can be used as Ditch Checks – either full length, cut to fit, or ordered to meet your needs. Trench in the upstream apron across the ditch centerline to minimize washouts. Use the downstream splash apron to minimize secondary erosion.

SANDBAG CHECK DAMS are intended for longer duration projects such as post-fire stabilization of high gradient valleys. These small packages can be backpacked to the site, filled with dirt and installed in series to form wetland steps. For wider valleys, combine 2 or more units.


TUBE STEPS can be filled with sand or with local materials onsite. Install Tube Steps in series to form a safe access stairway down steep streambanks or other erodible steep trails. (Call for desired size)


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