Std & EXT Packs




Sediment Control Wattles

Reusable or throw it away – it’s okay.
Economical and green, even for single use
Easy install and removal

Test Results

San Diego State University Soils Lab LA Basin 10 year storm equivalent 3:1 slope.
Straw Wattle

20 kg soil loss
55% effective

Gator Guard

1 kg soil loss
98% effective

No Treatment

45 kg soil loss
0% effective

Request a free mini-sample from your local dealer or by calling Gator Guard.

How to Install

Easy install and easy removal.

1. Prepare a smooth 12 in wide path

2. Place wattle with both aprons uphill for sidewalk; splash apron downhill for slope install.

3. Pin apron every 3 feet

4. Connect wattles with sleeve

5. Place 1 inch of dirt on apron or place apron in a 3 inch trench and backfill

6. To move or remove just pull up by hand and reuse or discard

Very Green!

Animal friendly

Cleaner streams

Movable and reusable

Recycled material

Lower Turbidity

20 times less soil loss than straw wattles

Frequently Asked Questions

And Answers!

Q. My SWPPP drawings show silt fence and fiber rolls. How can I use Gator Guard wattles as an alternative BMP?

A. Most agencies allow and encourage equal or better products to be substituted for silt fence and fiber rolls. Just write in the substitution on your plan, sign, and date it. If in doubt, check with your local agency first.*

*Do not use Gator Guard where a biodegradable product is required.

Q. What’s inside?

A. UV resistant geotextile stuffed with photo-degradable closed cell recycled foam (Standard Wattle has foam pieces, EXTREME Wattle has 6″ x 50″ rolled foam logs). Each wattle bundle contains 22 installation nails plus 2 zip ties for cut-to- fit and repairs.

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