Standard & Extreme Foam Filler


Large Drill Pad Containment's


Truck Size Containment's


4, 6, 8 & 9 inch Extreme Foam Logs


6-inch Standard Foam Log


Reusable Foam Logs

Drivable berms – for containment (not for sediment control – not biodegradable)
Reusable or throw it away – it’s okay.
Economical and green, even for single use
Easy install and removal

Containment Information

Drill Pad Full Containment

Use Erosion Control Sediment Logs to form a perimeter berm around the edges of the liner. Wrap the liner over the log and weld the liner – or place the foam log under the edge and secure liner to the ground.

Small Equipment Containment

Use sediment control logs in the USA to form a wall around the edges of the containment. Wrap the liner over the log and weld the liner – or weld straps to the liner walls and floor to secure the foam log as a wall support.

Very Green!

Animal friendly

Cleaner streams

Movable and reusable


Easy tips for foam types, lenth, and maintenance.

Foam Types

Standard foam becomes egg shaped when driven over, but can easily be reformed back to round. Standard foam pieces can escape if the fabric is ripped open, or deteriorated, creating foam litter. Available in 6-in x 25-ft only.

Extreme foam keeps nearly full height when driven over, and has no foam litter if ripped open. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 9-in x 25-ft.

Cut to Length

To cut a Standard Foam Log, shake stuffing from desired cut location, secure two zip ties around the Log about 6-inches apart and tighten. Cut fabric with a torch, or cut with scissors and seal cut fabric with a lighter or torch.

To cut an Extreme Foam Log, cut the fabric one foot beyond the desired log end, pull out the foam insert and cut to desired length with a big knife. Secure the cut log ends with zip ties.


Repair cuts in Standard foam logs with caulk – stuff anything in the hole for temporary fix – pick up foam.

Dispose of Foam Logs properly if damaged, deteriorated or no longer needed.

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